glass items

Tempered-Crash Glass

Architectural Glass

We offer a range of Ecogy Glass options that provide energy and cost-saving solutions for daily uses.

Our Architectural Glass meets the ever-increasing energy efficiency requirements in the world today and also provides an attractive façade aesthetic appearance.

Colorful - Stained (1)

Design Glass

We offer a range of design glass that meets today’s increased demand for highly sophisticated design requirements.

Our wide range of products feature style infused with elegance and privacy.

ACP - modern industrial

Aluminium Composite Panels

Ecogy Aluminium Composite Panels cater to today’s stringent demands for the highest quality, most durable and most creative construction standards.

Our wide range of types, colours and designs is matched with our uniformity of flatness and assurance of quality.

System - intelligent blind


Our range of systems offers peace of mind in a convenient package.

We use only the best and most suitable products in order to create a complete system.