Le-Gardien (S) Pte Ltd offers the right materials for a wide range of applications for architectural, design and system requirements. Since our inception on 16th May 1997, we have taken pride in providing our clients with competitive pricing, quality products and reliable services. Over the years we have gradually expanded our range of supplies of different materials. Our highly customised solutions meet the world’s ever-increasing demand for performance and unique design. We are committed to providing these solutions with hands on project management, and extremely strict quality control measures through our production and packaging processes.


Mr. Leo Yeo – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

With more than two decades of experience in this sector, Mr Leo Yeo brings with him a wealth of knowledge to provide a comprehensive solution for your architectural needs.

His expertise and pursuit of excellence ensures that only the highest quality products are offered to a global client base.

Mr Kenneth Yeo – General Manager (GM)

Mr Kenneth Yeo (BSc BBA) is currently serving as the General Manager at our company. He is an alumni of the University of Buffalo, New York and has acquired more than 5 years of experience in the glass industry under the guidance of Mr Leo.

As a valuable member of our firm, he brings strategic insight into the glass industry and is currently leading the marketing team of our company.