Simplicity, practicality & beauty

Le-Gardien Architectural glass brings out a mesmerizing substance brimming with diverse qualities and applications, has bestowed upon Architects a myriad of captivating prospects.

Heat Treated Glass

The Heat Strengthend Glass gives you twice the strength of annealed glass through the application of additional stress through a process of rapid cooling and quenching techniques.

Reflective Glass

Ecogy Reflective Glass comes in either hard (on-line) or soft (off-line) coatings. It is commonly used for building with the aim to “go green” and save on overall utility costs. At a certain point, the savings will exceed the cost of the glass itself


Ecogy Low-E Glass offers excellent thermal-insulation performance. Our huge range of soft and hard-coated Low-E allows us to satisfy any project requirements through application pn monolithic, laminated and insultated units.

Ceramic Fritted / Silk Screen Glass

Ecogy Ceramic Fritted Glass opens up a whole new world for users to customize different designs onto different colours.

Self-Cleaning Glass

Ecogy Self Cleaning Glass is made with a titanium dioxide coating that is incoraporated onto the glass itself during its manufacturing process. As the name suggests, this glass is made with precision to spare you the burden of continuously scrubbing off bothersome dirt.

Laminated Glass

Ecogy Laminated Glass Consist of two or more layers of glass with one or more layers of organic resins.

Insulated Glass

Ecogy Insulated Glass comprises of 2 or more sheets of glass sandwiching an aluminum spacer that is filled with desiccant before being sealed with an air vacuum or argon gas that acts as a low conductive barrier.

Louver Glass

The Wired Glass is constructed by embedding wires or wire mesh in the glass, and it is manufactured to withstand the greatest of thermal stress. Even if there is a crack due to high thermal stress, the presense of the wire ensures that the glass pieces don’t fall out, giving you superior safety.