Elegance, Functionality & Grace

Le-Gardien unleashing on whimsical reflections, capturing Imagination through Design Glass

Painted Glass

The Painted Glass offers users a highly customizable interior option with a selection from any of the reputable colour charts in the market today.

Pattern Glass

The Pattern Glass comes in wide range of designs and colours that caters to the interior requirements of architects and designers today.

Ultra Clear Glass

The Ultra Clear Glass, commonly known as Low-Iron Glass, has a pure and crystal clear colour because of its low absorption and high transmittance to light.

Acid Etched / Sandblasted Glass

The Acid Etched Glass offers the perfect translucent satin look with a wide range of colours and customizable designs. Its anti-fingerprint properties reduce time-consuming maintenance and ensure that the glass remains crystal clear.

Antique Mirrors

The Antique Mirrors are known for their artistic beauty and subtlety. They offer designers a more refined look for elegance and beauty. Our antique mirrors come in many different patterns and tints that cater to most design requirements. 

Mirror Defogger

The Mirror Defogger provides users with a unique taste of comfort and luxury. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning mirrors to shave to apply makeup after a hot shower.

Digital Printed Glass

Our Digital Printed Glass gives you the ability to experience the beauty of glass in a whole new way. We offer a number of ready made image splashbacks in our shops. You can simply send the picture as a file and we will complete the project for you. 

Copper Free Glass

The Ecogy Copper Free Mirrors will keep giving you the perfect reflection while guarding itself against corrosion. The absence of copper gives you the added advantage of greater resistancce to chemicals and humidity compared to traditional mirrors. Furthermore, it is available in a wide range of tints. 

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