Perfectly Tailored: Elevate Your Space with Design Fitting Expertise

Discover the art of precision and impeccable craftsmanship with Le-Gardien design fitting services. We specialize in curating spaces that reflect your unique style and taste, ensuring a seamless fusion of form and function.

Window Fittings

The Window Fittings have an extensive range to ensure it covers all aspects of functionality and ergonomics for daily use. Our window hinge systems caters to sliding and casement setups, both overhung or side-hinged. With many variations, it allows windows to be complimented with different design options without compromising it’s functionality.

Door Fittings

The Door Fittings have an extensive range of hooks and hinges, all made to the highest quality. It can meet any of the design requirements available in the current market making it very adaptable for different applications.